The Teacher

Megha Subramanian has dedicated more than two decades to Bharatanatyam. In this span of time, she has performed to the choreography of several renowned dancers – Deepak Mazumdar, Dr. Padma Subramanian, Jayasree Nair, Jayasree Rajagopal, Anita Ratnam, Kalyanasundaram and her teacher – Smt. Rajee Narayan. From Smt. Rajee Narayan,she has also learnt Nattuvangam and Natya Shastra.

Megha is a complete story-teller with the knowledge of literature and film making. She has several short stories, TV shows and screenplays to her credit, along with dance choreographies and stage plays. She brings with her a wholistic approach to dance.

Due to her education in film making at the University of Southern California, from where she holds an MFA, she brings with her the western, learner-centric approach to teaching dance. She has conducted several workshops on dance at TIDF Toronto, Davisville Public School, Vedic camp and at IIIT Hyderabad, Ruia College, Mumbai on topics as varied as Yoga in the practice of dance, Understanding dance as a language and Interpretation of myths and stories in dance.

In Toronto, she teaches kids and adults. She strongly believes that, “Age is but a number”, and anyone interested in dance must learn it, irrespective of their age. Everybody’s body takes time to adjust to the dance postures, whether it is a kid or an adult. In her words, “Welcome to the world of telling stories with grace!”